Thursday 22 February 2018

Prep Tea and Prep for Years 5 to 11

Prep is available MONDAY TO FRIDAY for Junior School Years 5 and 6

and MONDAY TO THURSDAY for Senior School.

Please note that pupils book themselves in for prep with their form tutors at registration time.

Half prep includes prep tea and finishes at 4.45 pm.

Full prep includes prep tea and finishes at 5.15pm.

Except in exceptional circumstances, parents should ensure that children know for certain
in the morning that they are in half or full prep, not that they should "go to prep" if parents are a few minutes late collecting.  Staff need to account for all children on the prep register and whilst supervising the prep group are not able to search for children who have "disappeared".  This is of particular concern in the darker winter months.

Prep pupils with passes for ICT facilities are trusted to comply rigidly with school
rules.  They should only view or work on sites that have appropriate content for their school work.  They may not send or open e-mails of any sort and should not access Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site.

Attention is also drawn to the end times of half prep and full prep.  Children only leave their teacher's supervision at the stated times, 4.45 pm and 5.15 pm.

If children are attending an after school activity and wish to attend prep afterwards, they should inform their form tutor at morning registration time.

There is no charge for prep or prep tea.

To contact staff in Prep after 4.30pm please telephone 07817 270 325