Friday 23 February 2018


Catering Services at Westbourne

Breakfast Club starts at 7-45am each morning for parents who wish to drop off their child to enable them to leave for work.

Breakfast is served daily in the dining room from 8:00am to 8:25am and is available to both pupils and parents.  A morning coffee club is available for Senior School pupils in Ashdell Grove cafe from 7:50am to 8:25am.

Mid-morning snacks

All children in Junior School are provided with orange juice, water or milk and a choice of fresh fruit, raisins or plain biscuits at morning break.  Water from the tap and water cooler is available throughout the day.  A healthy snack may be brought from home from Year 3 upwards (for example fruit or a cereal bar).  No sweets or chewing gum should be brought to school.


The school cafeteria serves a choice of traditional main meals with a vegetarian option.  The menu is changed on a four-week rotating cycle.  Every day there is a full salad bar selection and alternatives to cooked puddings, such as yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Ashdell Grove in the Senior School has a separate cafe where pupils can choose to have an alternative sandwich lunch option with home made soup, fruit and yoghurt available.

Prep Tea

Year 5 to 8 pupils have the option to stay at school for prep and will be provided with tea at 3.50pm prior to commencing prep at 4.15pm.


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