Friday 23 June 2017
Music for a Summer's Evening Thursday 22nd June 5.30-7pm - everyone welcome!...Check out our recent sports successes in ABOUT - SPORT - Sports Reports ...Every Day is an Open Day at Westbourne - come and see why we stand out from the crowd - call 0114 2660374... Don't miss our NEWS section for a glimpse of Westbourne life...
Music for a Summer's Evening Thursday 22nd June 5.30-7pm - everyone welcome!...Check out our recent sports successes in ABOUT - SPORT - Sports Reports ...Every Day is an Open Day at Westbourne - come and see why we stand out from the crowd - call 0114 2660374... Don't miss our NEWS section for a glimpse of Westbourne life...


Westbourne School has achieved the Silver Eco-School Award and is now working hard towards the Green Flag Award Status. Westbourne will have to carry out a number of objectives/targets under a strict criteria.

In an effort to increase awareness of the importance of recycling, we have launched several initiatives and competitions... 



Waste Week

During Waste Week we will be encouraging pupils at Westbourne School to join the Wider Community in reducing, reusing and recycling. We will focus on reducing our food waste during breaks and lunchtime as well as recycling paper and card etc. Waste Week will run for the whole of March.

It also links in with us working towards our GREEN Flag ECO Award Status. 

Lessons may incorporate some of the Waste Week lesson plans and pupils will have the opportunity to take part in some of the fun activities outside of school (see information below on the choice of activities they can carry out.) Pupils will then have the chance to show their posters or models in our assemblies. The top 3 posters or models will receive an eco-prize.

If your child wishes to take part in some of the out of school activities detailsare attached in the newsletter with further information.

Activity 1: Design a poster for our competition about not Wasting or Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Activity 2: You can design your own waste superhero.

 >>click here for details

Activity 3: Bling a Bottle - Jazz up your drinks bottle with one of these arts and crafts ideas

>>click here for details

Activity 4: Activity sheets to take home -Lunchtime Crunch time take it home sheet or Waste Scientist Take it home sheet.

>>Lunchtime Crunch click here for details

>>Waste Scientists 4-7 click here for details

>>Waste Scientist 7-11 click here or details

ECO Warriors at Westbourne School


Every other Tuesday our Year 5 and Year 6 ECO Warriors deliver an Eco Assembly to promote our schools current status, future aims, concerns and competitions to the rest our KS1, KS2 pupils and staff. We try to promote green issues and encourage eco-friendly behaviour amongst the students and staff - recycling, reducing energy, waste and litter.
We also try to update our school on current stories and news that is taking place worldwide. It is a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to learn presentation skills and work as a team.

Display Board

Our display board currently shows our silver award certificate, switch off fortnight competition, name and shame information using our electricity usage within the school, our eco code, our target towards the Green flag,  information on eco school and how we will reduce, reuse and recycle.

We will be soon displaying information from our ECO Warriors trip to Bank View Farm as well as the wonderful Recycle rap songs created in music with Mr Woodward.

Book Swap took place on Tuesday 28th January during morning break time. This was a whole school event to help raise money for our chosen charity of the year, Be Child Cancer Aware - Beads of Courage programme plus satisfy our Eco status.

This was a really enjoyable event and everyone in Junior School brought a book in from their own collection along with a £1 donation to exchange for a book of their choice.

'What a wonderful and simple idea it is to raise money in this way" said Jacob's mum in Reception Class. "We have so many books at home that we are more than willing to bring into school".

The Senior School Charity Committee organised the event In Senior School and included CDs and games in their 'Charity Swap' for a £2 donation on the door of the French Café.

This was a great event that everyone seemed to enjoy and as well as raising money for charity, we ticked lots of boxes for our Eco School recycling and reusing status.

NB We are currently working towards our Green Flag Eco Award Status.

Name ME! Competition

All KS1 & 2 pupils had the chance to win a prize when they entered the Name Me! Competition. This involved naming our new recycling bin.

The winner was Harrison Cundy (then in Year 5) who came up with 'Binjamin'. As well as having the honour of creating the chosen name, Harrison also received an eco-prize. Binjamin has taken pride of place in the Junior School playground where he has already made many new friends who regularly feed him milk and orange juice cartons.

Switch off Fortnightly

Switch-Off Fortnight is a fantastic opportunity to get Westbourne School learning about energy and thinking about how we can cut down on the amount of energy we use both at school and at home. It's also a great way to inspire our parents and the local community to make changes too.                                                        

The benefits of taking part

By the end of Switch-Off Fortnight, our pupils will have learnt about the importance of saving energy and may also have considered the ways in which small decisions can have a national or global effect. Taking part could help to reduce our school's energy bills and CO2 emissions too.

Switch-Off Fortnight is also a great way of encouraging the whole school to collaborate on a green project, and encouraging classes to compete against one another to see who can save the most energy. Plus it will help our school gain Eco-Schools accreditation.

Our main aim is to reduce electricity usage. This is why light monitors for every year group have been selected to survey the school. Staff will be named and shamed after the two weeks are up for leaving lights on and computers/TVs on standby.

Our School Bursar, Mr Chris Heald, has already noticed a reduction in the school's electricity usage!