Thursday 22 February 2018

Senior School Daily Routine

Doors into Senior School open at 8.20. If students arrive before this they may go to Breakfast Club (7.45am)  in the main Dining Room or to Coffee Club (8.00am) in the Senior School Café.  Registration is at 8.30 and everyone needs to be in their classrooms by that time for registration and ordering lunches. Assembly normally takes place at 8.40 - on two days each week, this will be replaced by Form Time. The day consists of seven lessons. The first lesson starts at 9.00 and break is at 10.40. Morning lessons finish at 12.40. Lunch is in the main school dining room at 12.40. Some pupils will have the opportunity to opt for a sandwich bar alternative which will be taken in the Senior School Café in Ashdell Grove. Afternoon lessons begin at 1.30 and school ends at 3.45 except on games afternoons, when it is 4.30pm.