Thursday 22 February 2018

The Westbourne Journey

All Year 7-9 pupils study Drama, Philosophy/Comparative Religion and Food Technology in addition to our current subject provision.

In addition, pupils in Years 7-9 spend one Enrichment Afternoon per fortnight in school to enable a wider variety of cultural, enrichment, extra-curricular and community activities to take place in a structured school environment.

We are delighted to have this opportunity to further broaden and enrich the educational experience of all our pupils beyond their academic studies. We have also introduced a new system of monitoring and rewarding pupils in 5 key areas: effort, community, events, citizenship and extra-curricular activities.


Royal Albert Hall


Year 7-9 enrichment afternoons

We have allocated one afternoon per fortnight as an Enrichment Afternoon for Year 7-9 pupils. This gives us the flexibility to expand our provision for pupils beyond the academic curriculum but without an impact on the existing timetable, and to offer them opportunities to contribute towards their "Westbourne Journey" certificates. Our enrichment programme has included…

…and will continue to develop over the year. First Aid skills, an introduction to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and some countryside/survival skills are already on the agenda, and more activities and community service opportunities will be added. We are always open to suggestions from pupils or parents, and if any parents would like to lead a session on a suitable topic we would love to hear from you!


First Aid at International Nurses Day