Saturday 20 January 2018
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...

GCSE English and English Literature

A love of language and literature is at the very heart of Westbourne’s dynamic and exciting English department. And with that love of words comes a confidence that allows our students to express themselves with clarity, originality and flair, becoming experienced at writing for a variety of audiences and purposes. Pupils read a wide variety of fiction, poetry and drama and because we work closely with colleagues in other curriculum areas, such as Art, Drama, ICT and PSHE we ensure that pupils are equipped with vital transferable skills that stand them in good stead for life beyond Westbourne. We also embrace the latest technology and offer a multi-modal approach to study, using interactive whiteboards, film and the internet to enthuse and inspire every child.



What will I learn?

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils have four English lessons a week, studying a wide range of texts and subject matter. Texts are frequently updated so that pupils experience material that is fresh, dynamic and relevant to the world around them. Programmes of study are tied in closely with the strands in the National Curriculum, which ensures that pupils learn within a curriculum that is rich, diverse and clearly shows the criteria for success. Our goal is to ensure that pupils at KS3 are thoroughly prepared for the demands of KS4. All pupils read and study a class novel; study and analyse a range of poetry; read and study a pre-1914 text; participate in a media study of a contemporary film, study a Shakespeare play, learn how to write for a variety of audiences and purposes, read and enjoy a play and study a variety of non-fiction texts. Texts currently studied include:


At Key Stage 3, pupils are given two pieces of homework each week; one is a written or research homework and the other is an independent reading homework.

Key Stage 4:

At Key Stage 4, pupils are expertly guided through and prepared for a GCSE in English Language and a GCSE in English Literature. The face of GCSE is ever changing - currently, pupils follow the AQA syllabus and study for 4 terminal exams, two for English Language and two for English Literature. The English department seeks to choose texts that are both challenging and exciting so that pupils are not only able to write confidently and enthusiastically about them under exam conditions, but also to derive enjoyment from them and are inspired to read further. Currently, KS4 pupils study: