Saturday 20 January 2018
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...

Art and Design

In the creation of Art there are no wrong turns - every individual act is seen as a golden opportunity to develop an individual and free thinking approach to life. The Westbourne Art Department encourages the development of skills and experience in the use of a wide range of media and the recognition that risk taking is a valued element in the creation of art.The study of Art and Design offers pupils the opportunity to express their emotions and develop cultural awareness in a visual form and we encourage the examination of works of art through practical work exploring a variety of styles and methods of production as well as by visits to galleries. Our Art Studio is also seen as a safe place for all to explore their creative and imaginative sides. Sketching, painting, sculpting, photography and computer skills - it’s all part of the rich and varied arts palette offered to Westbourne’s young artists.



"Westbourne School supports Sheffield Young Artists Of The Year"
Westbourne artists on the Saatchi website. Please see the link

What will I learn?

Year 7

Basic Art skills, Colour work, “ME” project, Pop Art, Mosaics

Year 8

Graphic design, Perspective, Calligraphy, 20th Century Art

Year 9

3D Art, “A moment in time” - Dioramas, Tableau and 3d Collage, Art in a Box, Steampunk, Set Design, Tactile Art

Art and Design GCSE

The GCSE Art and Design course is designed to develop and inspire critical thinking and creativity. Pupils will develop practical and research skills, it covers most aspects of Art making and pupils will experiment with various media and styles of art. They will research a variety of artists presenting their findings in a suitable manner. The course is split into three distinct sections:
Coursework component 1 = 30%

Coursework component 2 = 30%

Final exam = 40%


By the nature of the course a high degree of commitment is required by the pupils who will have a lot of undirected time in which to complete set tasks. There is an expectation that pupils will complete at least 1 to 2 hours homework per week, for the entire two year course. There is a certain amount of written work that must accompany the coursework and this has to include subject specific vocabulary.
All projects are themed and will run for a considerable period of time enabling pupils to develop a broad portfolio of work. The aim is to have a minimum of two projects to present to the moderator along with the final exam.
Art is a subjective course and as such is very hard to predict with any certainty what end grades will result. It is not an easy option and should be carefully considered before opting to make the commitment.
If you have a real interest in Art and want to develop various practical and study skills then Art is for you.
Recommended equipment list:
A2 Portfolio
Set of drawing pencils
Set of acrylic paints
Set of water colour paints

Set of oil pastels