Friday 18 August 2017
Admissions will be dealt with throughout the holidays...Autumn Term commences Tuesday 5th September... NB: Pre-School will be open on Monday 4th September...
Admissions will be dealt with throughout the holidays...Autumn Term commences Tuesday 5th September... NB: Pre-School will be open on Monday 4th September...



Westbourne Pre-School believes every child has the right to succeed and reach his or her full potential both educationally, socially and emotionally. We help them achieve this by offering a safe and secure environment where children’s abilities are nurtured, thus enabling them to develop into confident, independent and empathetic members of the community.

At Westbourne we believe in developing the whole child and this starts with our youngest children in Pre-School. The early years are vital to a child’s development and wellbeing and instilling a love for learning is critical if a child is to fulfil his or her potential. In Pre-School we provide a mixture of structured teacher led activities alongside purposeful free play opportunities. We believe every child is different and unique and we tailor our teacher led activities to meet these individual needs.  

“It is the high quality of the teaching and learning that takes place along with the offer of specialist subjects that appeals to our parents,” says Pre-School Leader Mrs Rees-Oxley. “We tailor the phonics and numeracy lessons to meet each child’s abilities and we personalise each child’s learning journey - it is this differentiation that truly sets us apart.”   

We have six highly qualified and experienced Early Years’ Educators who provide a high quality and stimulating experience which is delivered in a fun and varied way.  At least one of these Pre-School professionals will be with the children at all times, including the lessons taken by existing Westbourne specialist teachers which aim to introduce youngsters to languages, music, sport and other subjects.



Pre-School children have the opportunity to have their breakfast with their friends in their classroom and to try a variety of hot meals cooked by the kitchen staff in the main school dining room. We also offer a light tea at the end of the day with two healthy snacks being provided throughout the day.    

Educating and developing children’s abilities is a two way partnership between Pre-School staff and parents. Parents are critical to a child’s development and we believe in working with parents to strengthen the home school link. We therefore offer opportunities for parents to join us on school trips and take part in workshops in school such as ‘World Book’ week and ‘Planting and looking at the life cycle of a seed’.

The first years of a child’s education are the stepping stones to developing an independent well-rounded child who can flourish and become a happy, self-confident, sociable child. We believe we provide the children with the tools to develop and succeed in all aspects of life.

Our new facilities giving children the opportunity to explore and learn through first hand experiences. This includes free-flow indoor and outdoor play and the opportunity to be involved in out-of-school trips and excursions.

"I will definitely be moving my daughter to Westbourne’s Pre-School. I particularly like the structure of teaching at Westbourne and the fact that it is not just play based.

Your staff are highly qualified and incredibly knowledgeable and this is impressive"

Prospective Parent for Pre-School