Thursday 22 February 2018

Tuesday 10th October

Westbourne 15 Leeds Grammar 5

Westbourne 10 Cundall Manor 5

Westbourne 15 Hill House Wolves 5

Westbourne 20 QEGS B 15

It was the first away event for the U8’s tag rugby team and we went and won! They were so excited, asking many questions throughout the afternoon. Their excitement spilled onto the rugby field producing four fantastic performances winning all of their games. At this age the boys are only allowed to play tag rugby. The key is to get the opponents tag as quick as you can, pass the ball backwards and show high levels of agility and speed to get tries. We did just that. Fabulous tries scored by Heath, Hao Hao and Henry. Heath got man of the tournament for his speed, agility and concentration throughout the afternoon. Well done to Finley who captained the side well.