Thursday 22 February 2018

The summer term shimmied to a close at our end of term musical extravaganza, ‘Strictly not Ballroom’, featuring songs and music linked to dance. The performance took place in the University of Sheffield’s Firth Hall on Thursday 13th of July.


A carnival feel enveloped the audience as our Samba band opened the show with a vibrant musical explosion setting the scene for a night of incredible talent and entertainment.

We heard from Theo Drainville Saul playing Tamacun on acoustic guitar, The Senior School Choir singing Colours of the Wind for Pocahontus.  The Junior School Choir sang Hushabye Mountain and RMS Titanic accompanied by a modern dance routine that had been choreographed with the help of a professional contemporary dance group.  Our combined choirs sang Defying Gravity form the musical Wicked and we tapped along as the Hoedown Hill Billies swung to country dance accompanied by Drowsy Maggie.


Also performing were the Our Oaks wind band, Guitar group, Acorns Wind band, Piano trio, Tempest – singing their own song ‘911’. 

James Verney, Grade 5 guitar, soothed our souls with a beautiful rendition of Parisian Waltz.  We witnessed a welcome return from Yunki Lee who returned to school during his two week vacation from Korea.  Yunki Grade 8 piano, played an arrangement of Etude op. 10 no.5 (Black key to white  key) and Waltz no.7 by Chopin.

"This was a vivacious evening of musical celebration . Among other delights, we were treated to a rambunctious samba band, cerebral strings, celestial choirs and the funky soul of "Shake a Tail Feather". said Michael Woodward Head of Junior School Music.

The finale from the Beauchief Blues Band comprised the whole cast coming together in song to round off this up-tempo evening.

"This was a great night with music bringing the whole school together" said Mrs Cannell, Head of Junior School " Thank you to our music department for  their time and commitment with this and all the other events we have enjoyed this year. A massive thank you to all the children for their dedication and commitment to learning their instruments and to having the confidence to perform in front of such a large audience in this landmark building.""