Saturday 20 January 2018
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...

During the Easter Holiday, Thomas Bennett and Alex Chan-Kingswood in Year 8,  along with Jacob Kenworthy in Year 7 (plus respective dads) attended the South Yorkshire Schools golf at Hickeleton golf club  - representing Westbourne.


There were 2 competitions running simultaneously. A scratch individual event and a team event with maximum handicap of 18. The age range was 12-19. It would be fair to say that as a team Westbourne were the youngest and least experienced looking at both age and handicaps.

It was a strong field of 48 golfers with 20 of the golfers being single figure handicappers and 2 of the players being off plus 1.  As the collective Westbourne team had already lost 21 shots due to the handicap restriction it was always going to be a tough ask for them.

The team rules were such that the overall scores of the best 2 boys counted and the other score was discounted completely. This wasn't clear to us until after the event as we had presumed it would have been the best 2 on each hole to count but this would have been unlikely to make a difference to the outcome

Jacob was first out and made a spirited start making par on holes 1,2 and 6 before fading after struggling with the blustery conditions and fast greens.

Next up was Thomas who carded a fantastic 33 points despite losing 6 shots from his handicap. A magnificent effort in the blustery conditions.

Last out was Alex who had been docked 3 shots from his handicap just   a few days earlier and still came in with a tremendous 27 points playing at 7 shots less than his new handicap.

With an overall score of 60 points Westbourne came 11th out of 16 teams.

The Winning score was 73 points and had this been a full handicap competition then Westbourne would have been joint winners as none of the first 5 teams had any members playing off reduced handicaps.

Overall this was a good experience for the boys but probably came a year too early for them to properly compete. We have every confidence that this time next year all 3 boys will have reduced their handicaps such that they will be in a better position to put in a strong challenge for team honours.

The Dads