Thursday 22 February 2018

Westbourne House Day

Anyone who knows Westbourne School will be aware of the healthy rivalry between our houses - Whitfield, Holmes, Johnson and Mercer.  Steeped in tradition, each house is named after a previous Headmaster or Headmistress. Children from Year 3 upwards are placed into houses and siblings are placed in the same house. Our houses compete against each other in sport, music and for house points. It’s a great way to promote teamwork and group loyalty as well as a sense of competition.


Following on from the success - last October, of our first ever House Day, a very successful second House Day took place on Thursday 13th July.  The whole of Junior School burst into colour as children donned in their house tee shirts, represented their own particular house in a variety of games and activities. Events included a treasure hunt, orienteering, problem solving, and arts and crafts.

To aid transition Year 2 and Year 7 were invited to join in the entertainment in what was a fun filled day and a great way to round off a very successful summer term.


Origin of our House names - Former Headmasters

1885 -1987 Miss Julia Holmes  RED

1885 -1987Miss Sarah Whitfield  GREEN

1919 -1933 Mr C Mercer  BLUE

1933 -1944 Mr G B B Johnson  YELLOW