Thursday 22 February 2018

On Friday 12th January, Year 6 had a great opportunity to visit Crucial Crew at the Lifewise Centre in Rotherham. 

The Lifewise Centre is a life-size film set of a small town (created by the Coronation Street set designers) which is used to deliver safety messages to the public. It is operated by a unique partnership between South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

Following our arrival, children took part in a huge range of activities and workshops that promoted safety and awareness in everyday life. At these workshops the pupils were presented with various dangerous or challenging situations - such as a road accident or a fire- and they engaged in role-play exercises in how to deal with these situations and how to prepare for real life challenges as they continue to grow. The specialist officers equipped our pupils with the skills and knowledge to make choices in everyday life in order to stay safe and away from criminal activity.

All the knowledge instilled at Crucial Crew workshops will be followed up at school within PSHE, where the important safety messages are reinforced.

Throughout the day the pupils enjoyed taking part in the eight active workshops which were: a mock trial, first aid, internet safety, arson, road safety, home safety, bus travel safety and stranger danger. All pupils had the opportunity to take part in the workshops which also showcased their talent for acting. 

The most memorable part of the experience came from Khaled who particularly loved the role play and his interpretation of being a bus driver and keeping passengers safe!

The day was action packed with interactive activities whilst being fun and informative. It is without doubt a beneficial trip to develop our pupils' knowledge of personal safety and promote important life skills; indeed the teachers learned some new facts about Internet safety which they will be sharing with both Junior and Senior school Staff.

Mr Tedcastle and Mrs Hogg were particularly pleased with the children’s positive attitude and behaviour stating: “Our Year 6 pupils were a credit to the school, engaging with staff and throwing themselves into role play activities.  It was a very successful and informative trip.”