Thursday 22 February 2018
U13 Boys v Dads cricket match
On Friday 7th July, our annual U13 Boys v Dads cricket match took place at Abbeydale Sports Club. The Dads, captained by Mr Brown, won the toss and elected to bowl first. After a watchful start, the match finally sprung into life when Mr Baker came onto bowl against his son William. The panic was clear to see, with William stating "I'm not enjoying this one bit". Despite hitting his Dad for a boundary, Mr Baker got his revenge by getting William out with the last ball in his over. The boys continued to lose wickets at regular intervals and they staggered to a score of 69 runs. In reply, the Dads got off to a blistering start, with Mr Bennett and Mr Green playing some explosive shots. 69 runs was never going to be enough, and despite the boys best efforts, the excellent batting of Mr Wroth, Mr Brown and Mr Reed pushed the Dads score up to 101 runs. The match itself was played in a great spirit and it was a really enjoyable afternoon. A massive thank you to all the Dads and Grandad's that played in the match. Better luck next time boys!
Boy of the Day: The silver plate was awarded by the Dads to Andrew Mckinna for his bowling and fielding display. 
Boys                                                                Dads
Andrew Mckinna (C)                                      Mr Brown
Ellis Green                                                     Mr Green
Sam Brown                                                    Mr Baker
William Baker                                                Mr Reed 
Alexander Reed                                            Mr Wroth
Tom Wroth                                                    Mr Shaw      
Laken Torres                                                 Mr Bennett
Matthew Verity                                              Mr Owen
Thomas Bennett
Matthew Baxter
Alvaro Bayona
Harrison Cundy
Jake Peat
Arthur Gregory