Thursday 22 February 2018

March 29th and 30th Montgomery Theatre

“Someone once said, if it was raining brains Roxy Robinson wouldn’t even get wet. In all of New York they didn’t come much dumber than Roxy the Weasel. To be frank Roxy was a dope.
Dumb as Roxy was, he could smell trouble like other people could smell gas. But he should never have taken that blind alley by the side of Perito’s Bakery.”

This was the opening scene of Westbourne School’s production of Bugsy Malone at the Montgomery Theatre, with over 50 pupils both senior and junior in the cast, backstage and front of house. It truly was a whole school production.

Oliver Marshall makes a great suave Bugsy, with Elliot Renshaw as the full bellied Fat Sam. Also starring Archie Leahy as the sophisticated Dandy Dan with his not very bright gang. Emma Verity as the beautiful Tallulah and Ailsa Gillespie as the trusting country girl looking for stardom in Hollywood.

This feel good production, with its catchy tunes and film sequence scenes had us singing all the way home. The cast, chorus and crew all worked tremendously hard to once again put on a production which maintains the professional standard we have come to know.

A massive thank you to everyone involved.