Thursday 22 February 2018



Children at Westbourne Junior School are exposed to a wide variety of literacy learning. We intend to foster an interest in language, confidence to speak and listen with their peers and adults, an enjoyment of reading, an ability to communicate meaning in written form as well as developing imaginative expression.

A highlight is our World Book Day celebrations. Special activities are arranged to encourage a love of books and reading. As seen from the characters in this photograph!


Our Junior School library is a centre of learning that is accessible to all children and staff. It houses fiction, non-fiction, CDs of topics of interest, magazines and newspapers. These resources can be used for research or loaned.

The library is open regularly during the week and manned by a team of Year 6 librarians. Every effort is made to keep up with new trends. In addition, suggestions and/or donations are often welcomed from pupils, parents and teachers.