Wednesday 17 January 2018
School is OPEN today (Wed) - roads are slow but passable, please travel with care and get here when and if it is safe to do so
School is OPEN today (Wed) - roads are slow but passable, please travel with care and get here when and if it is safe to do so

Why Westbourne?

We are delighted to share just some of the many positive comments that we regularly receive at Westbourne, here are just a few...

Parental Survey October 2017

"My daughter XXXX relocated to Westbourne School due to her not being able to secure GCSE subjects she needed in a different school which she wanted to do for her career trajectory, and due to extensive bullying against her pertaining to her outside sporting and performing interests and due to her race as a minority ethnic child which had not abated. Since relocating to Westbourne, she has settled into school and her year group with surprising ease, and has been allocated and offered support with all of her subject areas.

Molly was even facilitated to change GCSE subjects, when she became aware that a chosen subject was not suited to her and this subject transition was facilitated with ease.

Class teachers to the Head teacher, have all spent time with my child, deliberating on subject choices and career trajectory matches to ensure that she and I were fully informed, and even providing Awarding Body content and explanatory information to us so that we were properly and fully appraised.

XXXX daily expresses and demonstrates that she is learning in great strides in Westbourne School due to the excellent teaching of all the staff and the anti-bullying ethos and rules and responsibilities of the whole school, and their inclusive equality and British values promotion and adherence which has been very noticeable. Staff model and walk the talk in these areas and in how they promote, respect and 'tolerance' for other faiths and beliefs, races, abilities, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation and other equalities protected characteristics. They seek to not only plan for, target and meet group learning needs but individual learning requirements also. Including, the SEND requirements of children, I have noticed to and they ensure that geographical and socio-economic barriers are not prohibitions to children's inclusion.

While they as a school do not broadcast the fact, but are discreet about it, parents/carers of other children have identified to me that Westbourne School took in a sizeable number of children from a closing school in a different part of the City and secured for these children their inclusion into education and their educational opportunities, as the families were desperate. The fact that Westbourne School, stepped up to the plate to in effect save these children is testament of the school’s decency and commitment to putting children first and their egalitarian ethos.

Staff themselves in Westbourne School, also model dignity and respect at all times. The school ensures that diversity is reflected and affirmed positively throughout the school also and they promote citizenship in positive non-tokenistic ways which we consider to be very important in Sheffield. My child has been warmly welcomed and included by children and staff alike and nothing has been too much trouble for the team of staff to ensure that Molly has had a smooth transition into Westbourne School which we were greatly impressed with.

The school is exemplary in its engagement with parents/carers I have found, and we are fully informed, even being the recipients of weekly bulletins. Communications from staff are responded to with immediacy and effectively, as I have experienced, which is not only helpful but which instils a sense of trust and awareness that the staff are on the ball as is the school to with the children's welfare being paramount at all times.

This is all evidence of their professionalism and commitment to each child.

They are also excellent at not only academic teaching but they provide a whole waft of enrichment experiences for the children, with staff going over and above in this area also. My child has benefitted from these opportunities and now gets up every morning happy to go to school and leaving early to ensure she arrives in school to start her lessons and to be with the friends she has so easily made there.

 It is evident that the Leadership in Westbourne School is very effective, in the successful running and management of the school.  The school is extremely well kept and resourced, and in fact the leadership team, know every single child, not only by name but by their interests etc. and they take a keen interest in facilitating their involvement and inclusion, which makes Westbourne such a warm school, that wants the best for each child, I have found. The Governors and the day-today Leadership team are very visionary and I have found they are constantly striving for continual progress, in order to do their very best.

Compliance with safeguarding is apparent in the policies and procedures in operation and even Health Care plans are in full operation, I know from my experience of my child having asthma. Supervision is evident at all times and children are encouraged with their voice and influence and to contribute, participate and make decisions in the school to.

I cannot speak too highly of Westbourne School, my child is extremely happy in the school and is thriving in all areas."

current Senior School parent

October 2017 Open Morning

"Dear Mr Hicks, Thank you for an informative and enlightening morning on Saturday (14th October). Westbourne is a brilliant school and we are enthusiastic about XXX possibly attending when he finishes junior school.
We were particularly impressed with our guide, Marisa. She was a delight - open, friendly, knowledgeable and a great credit to Westbourne"

Prospective parent


July 2017

Report - Thank you

Thank you so much for XXXXX end of year seven report.

Just to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with her progress in her first year at Westbourne and feel that she has done us proud. We think XXXX is receiving a fantastic education and would like to thank all of her teachers and all the staff at the school.

Thanks again and hope you all have a wonderful Summer.


June 2016

Football Signing

Congratulations to Year 4 football captain, Joshua who has just signed for the U10's Young Owls! 

"This past year as school football captain has brought him on massively so please pass on our thanks to Westbourne's Mr Elvidge for his trust in him, this has massively helped his development." 

Josh's dad

Thank you very much
We are both very proud of XXX's achievement but congratulations must also go to you and all his teachers throughout his Westbourne journey.
He is now at a crossroads in his life, and naturally it is a time for reflection. He says he can't imagine not coming to Westbourne, that he can't remember a time when Westbourne wasn't a part of his life. Together we remembered all his year groups and teachers, the many highs, the few lows and that it was all leading him to this; these final few months that will shape his future forever.  Will wishes that Westbourne has a Sixth Form, so do we; but sadly it's time to move on. He will take up his next challenge in fantastic shape and we can't thank all of you enough.
With kindest regards,
Current parents

Gig Night at the Leadmill

The Music department at Westbourne continually encourages and inspires our children to have the confidence to perform to a wide array of audiences. The Gig at the Leadmill on Tuesday 8th November went down a storm and we were inundated with positive comments from our parents.

Year 6 parent

“...We really enjoyed it and I have rarely seen him so excited.  Thanks very much for organising it."

 Year 6 parent

“...Thanks for all the effort in organising this event which is a great opportunity for the children to perform and an event they obviously clearly enjoy.

 Year 6 parent

“...Big well done back for putting on such a fantastic event- the kids were superb and the inspired choice of music showcased them brilliantly!! 

Year 7 parent

“...Thanks so much for organising another amazing event! 

 Year 6 parent

“...Thank you for your hard work to provide the children with such a fantastic experience. I know she really enjoyed performing and definitely sees it as a stepping stone to stardom

Year 6 parent

...Well done to you Sir, you organised a great show! 

Year 7 parent

...Well done to you! Great night as usual and thank you very much for letting her do her stuff! We really enjoyed it. Great talent out there inspired by you! 

Year 5 parent

...We wanted to congratulate you on such a fantastic night and to thank you so much for giving our son this amazing opportunity. We are so proud of him!

We're really going to continue to encourage him with music, particularly his guitar and hope that some day he can combine his great singing with this!

Year 5 parent

...Thanks for organising this Mr Woodward- it was a fantastic night!            

Year 6 parent

...Well done on all your hard work for Tuesday- a brill night that kids clearly all loved.

please see this link


"Dear Mr Hicks

XXX starts her first day of sixth form in Sheffield today.  This has only been made possible by her time at Westbourne.  XXX started at Westbourne in Year 5 when she was assessed to be behind with her reading after a bad start at our local village school, she was so far behind that we agreed when she joined Westbourne that she should be put back a year and retake Year 5, we were happy to agree as we had taken her to several other independent schools for assessment but no one would offer her a place which I know made her feel very down hearted.

Westbourne gave her a chance and she achieved 9 good GCSEs with better than her predicted grades.  Everyone at Westbourne has contributed to this and I would like to thank you."

Departing Year 11 parent

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Westbourne for this past year. Many of my Uni friends on placement in schools across the country have been 'turned off' the idea of teaching after their experience, but my time at Westbourne has only served to confirm my aspirations. The family feel within the school has left me feeling part of a special team and I wish I wasn’t leaving so soon.

I really do hope that I will be able to return to Westbourne in the next few years as this past year has been fantastic -  the opportunities I have been given during my time here have helped me to push myself in so many new ways. I can’t think of a better way to have started my teaching career and this experience will stick with me for a long time to come.

Thanks again 

Student Teacher


"Dear Mr Hicks,

As the sun is about to set on our family’s Westbourne journey, I wanted to share a few thoughts and memories.

When my daughters moved to Westbourne, in 2007, we had a few apprehensions. It was to be our first taste of private schooling, which only added to the uncertainty implicit when moving to any new school. We needn’t have worried!

Our first impression, when attending a Westbourne Open Day, was of a warm and friendly school community devoid of any of the stuffiness often associated with public schooling. This more than anything else influenced our decision to join Westbourne over other alternatives.

Our judgement was confirmed soon after joining, even though XXX cried for the whole of her first day and much of her first week. Before long, she and her sister were into the ‘Westbourne Way’ of busying themselves in a wide variety of activities that retained their interest and motivation.

Our children, in their unique way, have both thrived at Westbourne, benefitting from an environment, which prioritises care and consideration for the individual. Like all siblings, they have their own talents, strengths and preferences. They are very different but have both had the opportunity to feel successful across a spectrum of activities extending well beyond the classroom. Most importantly, they have developed into kind, caring, well-rounded people.

Westbourne is well led. It thrives as a community due to a strong collaboration between its many excellent teachers, governors, parents and students. Our children have had the privilege of working with some of those rare, inspiring teachers who have the ability to open new doors of imagination and aspiration. We have no doubt that our children’s lives have been positively affected through their time spent with these people.

Westbourne isn’t perfect, of course. It is a community of people with all their nuances, foibles and idiosyncrasies. Children, like adults, are capable of being mean, spiteful and inconsiderate. At Westbourne such behaviour is the exception rather than the norm. When it happens our experience has been that it is dealt with and resolved firmly and fairly.

So it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Westbourne School. We have enjoyed a richly rewarding experience, individually and as a family through our association. We have all developed new friendships that will last a lifetime. 

As Dr Seuss said, don’t “cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened.” We will always smile whenever we think of Westbourne.

Please pass on our thanks to your excellent staff and governors in providing our children with the education they deserve.

Warmest regards"

Departing Year 11 parent


"I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Friday 8th July.  Toby & I had a wonderful time.  It was really nice to see him interact with his friends and in a classroom environment when we had the talk from the wildlife park staff.  I was really happy that I was able to take part in the classroom session too, by showing the children the giant snail! So thank you very much.

I also thought it was lovely that you had given the reception parents the opportunity to accompany their child on their school trip too.  Something which I really hope you continue next year once Toby is in reception, I would be there at every opportunity.  It's so nice to be able to share a little piece of your child's school life with them.

I feel that all the foundation staff were very conscientious throughout the day & made every effort to ensure that every child had a lovely day, & that they got the most out of the trip.  Even if Toby wouldn't leave Miss Sampson alone!

So thank you once again & I look forward to next year's trip!"

Thanks Reception Parent


June 2016

"I would like once again to express my gratitude for all you have done for my children. They have been nurtured and supported to develop their skills in all areas and their confident, bright attitude to life and learning is a pleasure to witness. I know how lucky they are to be part of the Westbourne family and for that I say, thank you".

current parent

May 2016

To all Senior School staff

..."I meant to say in my previous mail, it is clear that XXX is getting a lot of help from everyone at Westbourne and even more importantly to us, it comes through that the staff know her well and understand her personality. We really appreciate that and so does XXX."

Senior School parent

March 2016 

GREASE 9th & 10th March

Dear Mr Collis and Mr Woodward ( and the other staff members) 

What a brilliant performance of Grease. 

Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into such a show to make it happen. The standard was exceptional - with some very extra special cast members, who were a treat to watch, and I look forward to seeing them in the West End! 

I for one would never have the patience to oversee such an event, so I take my hat off to you.

I'm still looking forward to the parent sing along?!

I hope you have a restful weekend and thank you once again for giving our children such an amazing opportunity.

Best wishes

Mrs Thomas


Please could you pass on our congratulations to all those involved with the production of Grease this week.

It was absolutely brilliant and a huge tribute to the dedication and skill of the staff and pupils at  Westbourne.

many thanks

Mrs Outram


Dear The cast of Grease,

I would just like to pass on my congratulations for such an outstanding performance last night.

My husband and I came to watch your performance and were blown away by what we saw.

I work in a school myself and have never seen a production put together as brilliantly as yours.

Both the singing and acting were outstanding and we couldn't believe how you've only been rehearsing since September! You should be extremely proud of yourselves.

Well done and thank you. We're looking forward to looking out for next years production!

Mrs McKinnon


Hollowford Centre

Dear Mrs Whitmore, Miss Aylott, Miss Woodhead and Mr Glover, Just to thank you so very much for taking the Year 3s to the Hollowford Centre in Castleton.

It's a big commitment from school staff to go along on the residentials, but I wanted to say how very much appreciated you all are for doing this with the children.

XXXX hasn't had many nights away from home, and he had the best time. He is very proud of himself for his overnight stay, and loved the whole experience.

Many thanks,



August 2015

Dear Mr Hicks,

I hope this finds you well. I just thought you should know that both Toby and I have achieved the grades we need and will therefore be heading off to start our courses at Oxford in October. I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank you once more (and all the wonderful teachers who I was privileged to learn from in my twelve years at Westbourne) for the VERY large  role Westbourne has had to play in this success. I am indebted to my Westbourne education for many things and shall always look back on it with great fondness. 


July 2015

Yesterday I attended the Summer Performance for Reception, Years 1 & 2 in the school hall of Westbourne School and I was so impressed with how the children performed - with the help of their very dedicated staff - on the hottest day we've ever had in Sheffield.  The children were so happy to be performing and to show their parents and grandparents what they'd learned.  They didn't seem to notice the heat - they were just having a brilliant time. They all knew, cheerfully and enthusiastically, what they had to do without fuss or being regimented but kindly encouraged.  The concert and the prize giving afterwards was a resounding success.

All the parents and relatives were made to feel so welcome by an approachable and humorous Mr Hicks and his staff - as though we were all, apart from the children, the most important people there and an integral part of school life.  The atmosphere was informal and we were encouraged to take photographs unless there was a strong reason not to.  Over cups of tea we made friends with the teachers and other parents while waiting for our children to finish their school day.

I've been to many XXXX School events over the years but the ethos of Westbourne School is striking in it's difference and I am seriously impressed by what Westbourne offers it's children in life skills and encouraging their achievements.

Westbourne School gives it's children an education not just schooling.

Well done John Hicks!   Long may you continue.

Best wishes


June 2015

Dear Mr Hicks

.....I don't think it is possible to overstate how much XXX and XXXX joining Westbourne has transformed our family.  To have happy, successful children makes such a massive difference!

10th June - Existing parent

May 2015

Dear Mrs Woodhead

I will definitely be moving my daughter to Westbourne’s Pre-School. I particularly like the structure of teaching at Westbourne and the fact that it is not just play based.

Your staff are highly qualified and incredibly knowledgeable and this is impressive

21st May Visitor- Prospective Parent for Pre-School