Thursday 22 February 2018

Current Head Girls and Head Boys 2017-2018

Head Girl - Ailsa Gillespie

Deputy Head Girl - Marisa Ali

Head Boy - Oliver Marshall

Deputy Head Boy - Benedict Pereira

June 2010 saw the introduction of Westbourne's first Head Girl and Boy of recent times.

July 2014 saw the introduction of a deputy Head Boy and Head Girl.

Academic Year

Head Girl

Head Boy

2016 -2017 Abi Heywood Joel Priest
Deputy Hazel Joel Will Shahane
2015-2016 Abby Newton Joseph Peckett
Deputy Amy Martindale Isaac Vohra
2014-2015 Georgia Oldfield Alex Wathey
Deputy Sophie Brotherston Dejan Pullin
2013-2014 Zoe Stone Zach Osman
2012-2013 Lizzie Peck Harry Orwin -Allen
2011- 2012 Claire Hughes Adam Stern
2010-2011 Olivia Moore Alasdair Hutt
2009- 2010 Olivia Pillinger Alex Smith

Mr and Mrs Pillinger, on behalf of their daughter Olivia, provided Westbourne with Head Boy and Head Girl cups (The Pillinger Cup) to be engraved and presented to future generations.