Wednesday 17 January 2018
School is OPEN today (Wed) - roads are slow but passable, please travel with care and get here when and if it is safe to do so
School is OPEN today (Wed) - roads are slow but passable, please travel with care and get here when and if it is safe to do so

Westbourne – What others say about us.  


 “Westbourne is distinctive in the way it cares for the individual. The teachers care deeply about the progress of each and every pupil and there is an atmosphere of real warmth and inclusivity which means that everyone is looked after and encouraged to reach their best.” A former Westbourne student.


"Throughout, pupils achieve well and make good progress in their learning, fulfilling the school’s aim to provide an education of quality and to prepare children for life. Pupils succeed in their academic work owing to their very positive attitudes to learning and the good teaching they receive at all ages. The teachers’ strong subject knowledge and their effective use of resources enable pupils, including those with SEND of EAL, to make good progress in relation to their starting points." – Independent Schools Inspectorate.


“We just loved Westbourne, the whole family.  Westbourne managed to foster a love of learning at the same time as getting outstanding results. There really is a Westbourne Way. ”- A Westbourne parent.


“A lot more opportunities here due to smaller numbers, if you want to be involved in any sport or club then you can be.”- A Westbourne Student.


"The children that come to us from Westbourne are extremely polite and helpful. They are confident self-assured and would be an asset to any team. It is always a pleasure to welcome them to our Company." A Westbourne Work Experience provider.


“We’ve had 3 children go to though (Westbourne) who have really liked it. They could just concentrate on what they wanted to do.”

The 2 girls really appreciated the organisation and the discipline. We really appreciated the academic atmosphere that has given the attitude of being self-motivated and independent with their further study.”

To me it has the atmosphere of an old grammar school. If Westbourne has a 6th form they would have stayed but I think it was good for them to spread their wings to ready themselves for university.” - A Westbourne parent.


The Scholarship form was one of the best bits of Westbourne, it allowed you to be academic, the sport and the music were brilliant too, pushing you as far as you wanted to go.” A former Westbourne student.


“I don’t know if the students quite realise how lucky they are to study at Westbourne!” – A former Westbourne student.


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