Thursday 22 February 2018

Senior School

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We like to think our Senior School is unique for many important reasons - our concern for the individual, whatever their perceived ability when they join the school; our experienced and long-serving staff; and our excellent facilities.

Senior School Campus

Ashdell Grove and the adjoining Ashdell House are home to Westbourne's Senior School for Year 7 - Year 11.

The Headmaster's study and the Administration Offices are in Ashdell Grove as is the formal entrance to Senior School - via the front gate from Westbourne Road.

Year 7 and 8 register and have their cloakrooms in Ashdell Grove and Year 9, 10 and 11 in Ashdell House.

Pupils' entrance to their home building is via the Lower Ground Floors where all cloakrooms are situated. There is a bridge between the two buildings which is used during the day for movement of staff and children. All Senior School pupils will have lessons in both buildings as some subjects are uniquely taught in one place.

The Senior School is located in premises adjacent to the Junior School.  It is close enough for convenience but far enough away for the students to enjoy their own identity and to pursue their important GCSE studies alongside a wealth of activities including sport, voluntary work, hobbies and extra curricula clubs.

Independent Learning

In Senior School there is increasing emphasis on developing independent learning. In Year 10 and 11 no groups are larger than 16 and some are as small as 4 or 5, allowing teachers to extend the most able and encourage all to fulfil their true potential.

Those students who show particular academic strengths are encouraged to take some GCSE exams in Year 10 and to extend their knowledge beyond Key Stage 4 during their final year with us.

Throughout Senior School pupils are encouraged and supported by a dedicated team of teachers who are experienced in working with teenagers, and who help to instill confidence and lead by example.

Senior School Daily Routine

Doors into Senior School open at 8.20. If students arrive before this they may go ino breakfast in the main Dining Room if they wish.

Registration is at 8.30 and everyone needs to be in their classrooms by that time for registration and ordering lunches.

Assembly normally takes place at 8.40 - on two days each week, this will be replaced by Form Time.

The day consists of seven lessons. First lesson starts at 9.00 and break is at 10.40. Morning lessons finish at 12.40.

Lunch is in the main school dining room at 12.40. Some pupils will have the opportunity to opt for a sandwich bar alternative which will be taken in Ashdell Grove.

Afternoon registration is at 1.30 and school ends at 3.45, except Year 7 and 8 finish at 4.30 on Wednesday and Friday; and Year 9 who also finish at 4.30 on Friday.

There is a Senior School Council and each Tutor Group elects its own representative. The Council meets twice a term with the Headmaster to exchange views and discuss the students' own agenda.

All pupils take turns at organising and presenting assemblies. They select their own topics, carry out the necessary research, and learn to deliver the content in an interesting way to their peers. This encourages them to be aware of current issues in the news and press, and to develop their confidence and ability to debate. 

Personal Development
During their Senior School years, students follow a full and varied programme of Personal, Social and Health Education and they carry out two weeks of supervised Work Experience. They have an opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme which is run by Senior School teachers. Young people who are involved in this scheme are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility towards others as well as increasing their own leadership skills.

The Curriculum and Beyond
There are regular outings and journeys abroad, including Skiing and French trips. Extra curricular activities include theatre and drama visits, climbing, chess club, Concert Band and walking, but the list changes constantly as it is pupil driven.

In Year 9, all students follow a full programme of study, including Art, PHSE, Music, Technology and two Modern Foreign Languages as well as the core subjects. The core curriculum for GCSE consists of English, Maths and Science. In addition to this, pupils choose options from a wide range, including Spanish, French, ICT, History, Geography, Art, Music, Sports Studies, Drama, Technology, Religious Education and Business Studies.

The programme of sporting activities offered on Thursday afternoons is very varied and again reflects the interest of our students. Many different venues are used, from Pond's Forge to the Institute of Sport. Teams are selected and regular matches are played against Lincoln Minster School, Hill House School, Worksop College and Trent College, amongst others.

Education for Life
During their time at Westbourne, students are helped to research available options for study or work after their GCSE exams. The majority move on to other independent schools or choose to study for A Levels in the maintained sector. Each year we have some young people who prefer to follow a vocational path. As they leave us, our students have the confidence to face the challenges ahead. They believe in themselves, and in their abilities. They are good communicators and understand the importance of team work.

Developing the Whole Person
During their Senior School years, students follow a full and varied programme of Personal, Social and Health Education. Information about careers is available and in Year 10 pupils carry out 2 weeks of supervised Work Experience. In Year 11 all pupils attend the Route 16 Conference at Don Valley. Everyone in Year 10 is encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme run by Senior School teachers. Young people who are involved in this scheme have an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility towards others as well as increasing their own leadership qualities.

Assemblies are regularly planned and delivered by pupils initially with adult supervision but ultimately with individuals taking total responsibility.Naturally, we celebrate academic excellence, but Westbourne goes far beyond this. We take immense pride in all that our students achieve in school and in the community, in the class room and on the sports field.