Friday 23 June 2017
Music for a Summer's Evening Thursday 22nd June 5.30-7pm - everyone welcome!...Check out our recent sports successes in ABOUT - SPORT - Sports Reports ...Every Day is an Open Day at Westbourne - come and see why we stand out from the crowd - call 0114 2660374... Don't miss our NEWS section for a glimpse of Westbourne life...
Music for a Summer's Evening Thursday 22nd June 5.30-7pm - everyone welcome!...Check out our recent sports successes in ABOUT - SPORT - Sports Reports ...Every Day is an Open Day at Westbourne - come and see why we stand out from the crowd - call 0114 2660374... Don't miss our NEWS section for a glimpse of Westbourne life...

Beyond the Classroom

Here are just some of the many clubs/activities on offer to our children

Art Club

Art Club is run on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays in Junior School. No experience is necessary and all materials are provided. Many Pieces of Art Club work have been entered into local and national and international competitions.

Art Journal Club

Art Journal Club with Mrs Wensley is for Years 3 to Year 6 and meets over the lunch break on Mondays in the Junior School Art Room.  It is an additional club to the normal Art and Craft clubs and pupils may attend either or both.

Baking Club

Open to Year 10 and 11 students in the Food Tech room during the autumn term - 4pm-5.30pm. Come along and bake some tasty treats for your friends and family!)

Climbing Club

Once a week a group of Year 7 and Year 8 pupils were taken to The Foundry for indoor climbing lessons. By the end of two terms all pupils were competent at both climbing and belaying and had learnt the importance of working together to ensure a safe climbing environment.

Children have had the option of following the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS) which is designed to increase their technical skills, knowledge and safety. A number of pupils progressed to Level 2: Intermediate climber indicating a good understanding of the basics of indoor climbing and an ability to climb and boulder safely and independently.

Coding Club

Children will be shown how to program computer games, animations and websites (not forgetting Apps) using SCRATCH software.

Duke of Edinburgh

Year 10 & 11 have begun Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze award with the intention that as many as possible of the current Year 9 will be able to complete both Bronze and Silver before they leave Westbourne. (


The English department provides many opportunities to enhance pupils' learning through regular extra-curricular theatre and cinema trips in addition to in-house workshops run by scriptwriters, actors and performance poets.

Year 11 English teachers run Year 11 Study Club for English largely targeting C/D borderline students.

This club is open to all avid Year 7 readers. The students involved select a book which they then read at home. One month later they meet in the Senior School library to discuss their thoughts on the month's literary pickings. Hot chocolate, biscuits and the dedicated Year 11 librarians help to keep the conversation flowing.

This group meets on Friday's at 1pm on the English corridor. Last term we produced poems and readings for the Carol Concert; this term students are writing books for Junior School students to read.

Foreign Languages

Children in Year 7 and Year 8 are currently having an opportunity to attend French Cine Club,where they watch French films and clips.

Year 11 French and Year 10 and 11 Spanish take place on a voluntary basis after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This is primarily for children who wish to take a second language as an additional GCSE, but other children can attend sessions for extra support. Although we have less time than other subjects, we are able to achieve a considerable amount of work because of the size of the group and the willingness of the pupils to learn. We take it in turns to bring cakes each week which also makes it very worthwhile!

Girls' Football

Girls' Football for Year 7 & Year 8 was organised towards the end of last term. The girls clearly enjoyed it and the level of skill and commitment was very good.

History Club

An opportunity for pupils with a thirst for historical knowledge to share and discuss significant events and people throughout the ages.  Every Monday break time.

International Sports Trips

Sports trips are on offer to all children. Recent trips have been to Barcelona, The Isle of Wight, Malta and Lanzarote.

Ski Trips have taken us to Austria, France and Winter park in the USA.

Modern Jazz and Tap

Modern Jazz is fun - you will learn to develop many different movements reaching to a broad choice of varying rhythms and musical styles. It will be a wonderful opportunity to react and interact with other members of the class and really dance to express your feelings.  It is very rhythmical and creative and uses lots of different music from pop to jazz to drums.


There are an abundance of musical clubs and activities.

>>click here to view our MUSIC ACTIVITY list 2016

We have had music trips to Belgium and Prague

Maths Master class

Maths Master class is a fun and challenging after school activity for Year 4, 5 and 6 which takes place on Mondays during our autumn term.

Maths Booster Class

Maths Booster Class has been designed to help our children in Year 5 and 6 achieve their expected level.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance takes place every Friday lunchtime throughout the autumn/ winter term. Pupils learn and choreograph routines that they perform at our end of term Junior School assembly.


Physics Extension runs on Monday lunchtimes and is for Year 7 and 8 by invitation. We discuss and experiment on topics beyond the scope of the GCSE curriculum. Topics covered so far include string theory, Quantum mechanics, General relativity and antimatter.


Running Club

Running club is offered to all abilities in Senior School. We mainly run on a Monday night when we have the light nights. We run through local woods, streams and around reservoirs. Pupils can run, jog or walk and take on water challenges on the way round.

TryFootball for 4-6 year olds

Football is undoubtedly England’s most popular sport. Football coaching with children is sometimes criticised for being aggressive and pushy. In contrast to this @theacademy Ltd have a different approach to football coaching. They run very positive sessions putting emphasis on fair play and respect, we promote healthy competition and teach children to win and lose graciously.

TryNetball for 4-6 year olds

Netball is arguably the most popular school sport for girls. Netball is a great game for developing hand eye coordination, speed, agility and power. If you want to give your daughter a head start when it comes to school sport bring her down to our Netball classes and she will have a lot of fun along the way.

TryRugby for 4-6 year olds

Introduction to core skills of rugby (non contact)

PlayRugby for 6-9 year olds

Introduction to matchplay and contact rugby

Rugby is a great sport to get children into. Rugby is a brilliant tool for introducing children to concepts such as discipline, fair play and respect. Along with this it is great fun too!

TrySports sessions involve coaching a number of sport & movement skills that are transferable to most popular sports. Each week children will be exposed to a number of games and activities which are designed to be fun and keep the children as active as possible.