Saturday 20 January 2018
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...
Foundation Stage Open Morning- Saturday 3rd Feb, 10am-12noon...Everyone welcome...

Welcome from Headmaster John Hicks

Westbourne is a unique school in many ways and it is the only non-selective co-educational independent school for girls and boys from three to 16 years of age in Sheffield, enjoying a fine tradition of excellence in education.


Based in the historic Broomhill area of the city, Westbourne is less than 15 minutes' drive from the Peak District National Park.

It is here that we nurture the school's principles of educating girls and boys for life in an atmosphere of support and encouragement at every level.

Academic achievement opens the door to further opportunity but that needs to be supplemented with good life skills. The policy of 'educating girls and boys for life' ensures that children leave Westbourne with confidence and able to make a valuable contribution to any community.

Excellent exam results year on year and highly successful alumni prove how effective Westbourne's approach to teaching is. It's therefore little wonder the most recent ISI inspection returned positive results in all areas. "Responses to questionnaires show that parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the education and support provided for their children." - ISI inspection report November 2013

It is my belief that in today's society the ability to communicate and develop social and personal skills is as important as academic achievements - and this philosophy is at the very heart of everything we do at Westbourne.

Westbourne began its life in 1885 as a school for the boys of Sheffield's gentlemen but things changed in 1997 when Laura Bramall joined as the first ever girl. Girls are now an integral part of the Westbourne community where opportunities in abundance are on offer to them - opportunities that allow them to become strong confident, independent women. 

A mixed school with boys and girls growing and learning together is the natural way to do this and at Westbourne we nourish the whole person. The co-ed environment in which Westbourne children learn cements the close-knit family atmosphere that Westbourne promotes.

By learning, playing and developing together boys and girls are able to support one another and grow up functioning effectively together - as is the natural order of life.

As well as giving each and every pupil the confidence to 'give things a go', with our enviable array of extracurricular activities, there is a strong focus on instilling traditional values, such as respect and manners. These are just some of the many elements that contribute to Westbourne's friendly, family atmosphere and ultimately to its success.

We cherish each individual - staff as well as pupils - and we work with our parents in partnership to provide the best possible education.

We have unrivalled small class sizes which means we are more able to fulfil the Westbourne aim to inspire children to reach their full individual potential. Each child receives personal attention, allowing their learning strengths and weaknesses to be more easily identified: the key to each child's success.

Our Scholarship Class in Senior School produces some of Sheffield's best exam results. A high percentage of children in this class go on to win scholarships to top sixth forms before heading to the country's leading universities, including two more pupils this year to Oxbridge.

Success, achievement and effort at every level of school life are rewarded on a daily basis.

Westbourne children want to take responsibility for their own learning, they want to become independent and they want the prestige of being a leader.

The ethos of our school is epitomised by our staff and I am indeed fortunate and privileged to work with a team of such dedicated professionals.

Westbourne's classrooms are unique in the way that pupils interact with each other and the teachers, a relaxed yet serious, good humoured and focused atmosphere that has a warmth and vitality based on mutual respect.

Westbourne children are happy and free to express their natural creativity and curiosity.

Experience that atmosphere by coming along and seeing it for yourself. We are always happy to welcome guests to Westbourne!

For more information about enrolling your child at Westbourne School, contact reception on 0114 266 0374. Alternatively, come along to one of our Open Days to see all that Westbourne has to offer.

I look forward to meeting you.

John B Hicks MEd


"Dear Mr Hicks,

...It was with great pleasure and pride that I watched XXXX walk up on stage to collect his 'Highest Achiever of the Year' award last night.

I want to thank you for making it possible for him to join the Westbourne family and re-engage with and enjoy his education.

He is at last a happy and successful boy who enjoys school. He is thriving academically, socially and emotionally and the support he has had since day one at Westbourne, from your staff and his peers, has been fantastic and much appreciated.

I am absolutely delighted that XXXX will be joining you in September to begin her Westbourne journey. I know she will follow in XXXX footsteps as a high achiever but just as importantly I have full confidence and trust in your team to nurture her, care for her and instil in her the confidence she needs to make the most of her many talents. I know they are very lucky to come to Westbourne and want to thank you for having them.

With my best wishes"...